Mitch Joel on Social Media in Retail

Posted by Mark Smiciklas:

At the recent STORE2010 Conference I had the opportunity to interview Mitch Joel - author, podcaster and blogger at Six Pixels of Separation - about his thoughts on the impact of social media and social commerce on the retail sector.


0m.50s Wading into the waters - It's important to enable and empower consumers (and staff) to think of ways to share and collaborate on ideas and material.

1m.23s How to engage staff - Customers walking into your store want to buy from people that are informed. Using social media as a learning resource gives your staff the power to transform the shopping experience.

2m.10s Social Media ROI - What are your overall business objectives? Can social media help you reach those objectives? In most cases the answer is YES.

3m.40s Insights on the need for social media training and guidelines.

5m.30s Advice for the Retail C-Suite - "Social media needs to be in your blood."