Providing thought leadership, strategy, and research as one of Canada’s most established resources for retail and retail-minded (DTC) executives.

Our passion is discovering where change will next come from and to help a client successfully transition in this new landscape. Amidst unprecedented shifts (such as the pace of technology disruptions), we see your business as fundamentally about people. We dive deep into human behaviours and influences that shape those behaviours – inside the organization and in the market.

We are not a typical consultancy. From experience, we've learned to provide just the right level of "hands-on" involvement that fits the culture and needs of our clients. Rather than delivering a report telling execs what’s wrong and what to do, we work with leaders in an “assisted DIY” approach to reset healthy growth. We do this with a tailored mix of sound insight, fresh perspective, adapted frameworks, and facilitated discussion. We leverage client resources and talent where possible.

We are happy to share a wide range of success stories. Our deepest work is with leaders who:

We are in the midst of transitioning this site as part of our latest DIG360 renewal. For the moment, please seek more information from one of our senior advisors:

David Ian Gray
Founder, Retail Trends & Strategies and Shopper Insights

Andrew Harnden
Digital Strategies and Operationalizing Insights & Strategies

Raymond Shoolman
Mentor and Senior Exec Merchandising & Retail Operations

(Media should contact David Ian Gray or Raymond Shoolman)