Relevant relationships? Rich experiences? Right audiences?... times of change.

"Deeper understanding of retail and shopper trends enable us to help progressive decision-makers. We do this through original thinking blended with tailored strategic study of issues and opportunities important to the executive team. We also help “retail minded” social enterprises to better define their markets, understand their environments, deepen stakeholder relationships, and build improved 'retail' experiences."      - David Ian Gray, Founder

DIG360 comprises David Ian Gray, Anita Bathe and our extended team. Consider us if your executive group wishes to explore new possibilities or reduce decision risk in a complex market.

Insight and intelligence for a changing world.


Strategic Studies

DIG360 creates knowledge through thoughtful study - combining multi-disciplinary fact-finding and stakeholder research, we help develop and assess options that assist organizations to achieve their market goals.

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Digital Strategy

DIG360 uses a practical approach to assist organizations in the development and implementation of digital strategies - leveraging the dynamics of inbound marketing, social media, online search and brand journalism to help achieve business objectives and build brand.

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Business Information Strategies

DIG360 helps clients understand and leverage the quality of market information coming through the technology pipeline and outside sources. We offer counsel aimed at developing and continuously improving the internal capacity that drives research and business intelligence.

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